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Each quarter CCR releases an industry-inspired topic that has been inspired by the field and that is open for comment. 

The first Hot Topic is now open for discussion. Join the discussion. 


We can't wait to hear from you!


 The Good Nurse, released on Netflix this past week, has stimulated a healthy discussion around some practices we often see in nursing and pharmacy departments. 


Click below to read the hot topic and continue the discussion with other industry experts. 

SOP Templates

We are working on SOP templates which will be available for compounding facilities to purchase and customize to their own practices.

Sterile Compounding SOPs

Nonsterile Compounding SOPs

HD Sterile Compounding SOPs

HD Nonsterile Compounding SOPs

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Featured Articles

Coming Soon

The articles in this section will be available shortly.

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Distance Learning

We are currently developing eLearning modules.

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