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Onsite Competency Verification

Do you have a competent evaluator to perform competencies? Are your evaluators pulled in too many directions? Are your competencies developed from your SOPs and do they include measurable, observable knowledge and behaviors? No? Our team can help.

We can come onsite to administer competency evaluations. We can also help you develop a system that will ensure meaningful competency development, measurement and remediation. 

Whether your organization performs sterile and/or nonsterile compounding and hazardous and/or non-hazardous compounding, we have experts who can assist you.

Common Competency Evaluations Developed and/or performed.

  • Hand Hygiene and Garbing 

  • Aseptic Technique

  • Media Fill Procedure to mimic most complex compounding scenario

  • Material Handling

  • Daily and Monthly Cleaning and Disinfection 

  • Gloved Fingertip Sampling

  • Environmental Sampling (surface and viable air sampling)

  • Personnel Sampling (initial and subsequent gloved fingertip sampling)

  • Reading Environmental and Personnel Sampling 

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