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Kalena Van Leuven, PharmD 
 Director of Pharmacy
Mckenzie Wilamette Medical Center

We hired Critical Compounding Resources to perform a USP 797 Gap analysis on our newly built cleanroom with the primary goal of detecting any construction compliance issues. Mary and Dj were most thorough in going over every aspect of our compounding program, including offering suggestions as to how to maximize our compliance with SOPs and other systems that could help make this transition as smooth as possible. DJ did his best to break down HVAC lingo into Pharmacy friendly terms. This helped us understand what we could do to avoid contamination issues in the future by exceeding USP standards, rather than being content to simply meet them. The team provided recommendations to correct noncompliance issues, as well as recommendations for best practices that exceed USP requirements, in a detailed and color-coded report. This was helpful for our Management team to understand where

best to allocate our limited resources. With their help we passed our TJC audit after the new USP standards became effective. Thanks to all for their hard work and answering all our many questions!


Osama Tabbara, R.Ph, EMBA
President, IVPN-Network
Pharmacy Consultant | Entrepreneur | Mentorn,

I had the pleasure of working closely with Dr. Mary Nazzal for seven years during my tenure as the Executive Director of Pharmacy at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. Dr. Nazzal is a distinguished healthcare provider who consistently demonstrates a deep passion for her work. Her extensive knowledge in the field of Sterile Compounding, combined with her full commitment to placing the patient at the center of all she does, sets her apart as an exemplary quality healthcare professional.

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