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Organizing Medicine


Who might benefit from CCR products and services?

Compounding occurs in a variety of settings.

Ambulatory Care Practices

Providers such as home infusion companies, infusion suites, and day stay units have unique compounding needs.

Community Pharmacies

Some community pharmacies provide both sterile and nonsterile compounding services for VNAs as well as specialty compounding for the general public. 

Hospitals & Health Systems

Hospitals provide a wide range of sterile and nonsterile compounding services with both hazardous and nonhazardous drugs. 



Nuclear pharmacies have their own sterile compounding challenges where they must protect CSPs from microbial contamination while they protect their workers from exposure to radiation.



Specialty compounding pharmacies prepare formulations not otherwise commercially available or require special handling to treat rare and complex health problems.



Veterinary practices often compound sterile and nonsterile formulations to meet the needs of their animal patients.

If you are interested in learning more about CCR's offerings visit our services.

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